Crib notes

Crib notes: Want better pay? Work for CEOs with daughters

March 22, 2011 at 8:54 PM ET

Can Daddy's Little Girl help close the gender wage gap? A new study shows that in companies where a male CEO has a daughter, the gender wage gap shrinks by .5 percent. If the daughter's his first-born child, it narrows by almost three percent. The results were even more significant in smaller companies where the CEO was more likely to know his employees personally. So, next time you're looking for a job, ask about the CEO's family tree.

Do tween girls dress like hos and are their moms nothing more than fashion pimps? There's been quite a brouhaha over a recent article in the Wall Street Journal that says many pre-teens dress like prostitutes and their parents allow and even encourage it by paying for the skimpy wear. Others disagree, saying it's wrong to judge kids on what they wear and that we shouldn't vilify the mothers. Is scandalizing older generations with risqué attire merely a rite of passage, or are today's parents leading their daughters down a dangerous path?

Let's face it, everyone gets a little judgey-wudgey at times. The behavior (or lack thereof) of other people's kids is one of the favorite ways moms like to judge. One mom questions the drive to have pure obedience as the ultimate goal, worrying that people just end up training their kids like show dogs. She worries, will her son learn self-control or is she just raising a brat?

You've likely heard of Spanish Influenza, but what about the Baby-Stealing Epidemicthat plagued Spain for 50 years? Tens of thousands of babies were stolen from their parents at birth and given to adoptive families during the 20th century. Mothers were told their healthy babies had died, and those babies were given away - at first to supporters of dictator Francisco Franco and later, the babies were sold by doctors for a profit. Jaw, on floor.

While they might not be as far apart as 'snips and snails' and 'sugar and spice', boys' and girls' brains really are wired differently. A study conducted on the brain development of boys and girls as they age shows that, over time, the brains of males and females become more similar. However, as younger children, many of the stereotypes about their development hold true (girls' brains develop more quickly in the area that controls language, while boys have the fastest development in the part of the brain that performs visual-spatial tasks).