Crib notes: Top parenting news of 2010

Dec. 29, 2010 at 4:25 PM ET

By Dana Macario, TODAY Moms Contributor

It was a bad year for Happy Meals and a good year for breast milk. A look back at the big parenting stories of 2010:

Sharing Breast Milk.  The Breast is Best campaign seems to be working.  Maybe too well; the FDA thinks women are taking it a bit too far and issued a warning about the dangers of sharing breast milk.

From cute to excommunicated? The infamous Daphne Halloween costume.

Boys dressing as girls. Who knew a little boy dressed up like Daphne from Scooby Doo could stir up such a fuss? Probably not the mom who posted his (adorable)  photo on her blog and touched off a huge debate about when and whether it's appropriate for little boys to dress like girls.

Cyber-Bullying.  Sadly, cyber-bullying is still a problem for kids.  The suicide of Rutgers University student Tyler Clementi has reinvigorated the debate about punishments for cyber-bullies and online privacy issues in general. 

Recalls. Formula, strollers, cribs -- apparently everything's dangerous these days.

Homophobia. In Mississippi, an openly homosexual girl was unwittingly sent to a "fake prom" while the rest of her classmates went  to a party that had been secretly organized by the parents of other students.

Education Reform. Michelle Rhee, former Chancellor of the Washington D.C. Public Schools and a prominent figure in modern education reform, resigned in the wake of the primary defeat of the mayor who had appointed her. 

Pedophilia. Perverts love Barbie?  The FBI issued a warning that the new Video Barbie could be used to create child pornography.  Then there was the "Pedophile's Guide."  The author created a huge first amendment debate when his self-published book was sold on; soon after, he got himself arrested.  Meanwhile, over at French Vogue they're putting 7-year-old girls in disturbingly "sexy" high-fashion photo shoots.

Circumcision. The debate over circumcision came to a head this year with anti-circ billboards in Galveston, TX and a proposed circumcision ban in San Francisco.  The San Francisco measure could make its way to the ballots in 2011, so get ready to hear a lot more about this issue.

Childhood Obesity. First Lady Michelle Obama launched the "Let's Go" campaign to battle childhood obesity.  More exercise and healthier school lunches are key tenets of this campaign. Gleeks can tell you that even Sue Sylvester got on board by banning tater tots at McKinley High.  In related news, San Francisco banned the Happy Meal.

What do you think the big parenting stories were this year? Add your thoughts in the comments.