Crib notes: Sports, playground etiquette, hypnosis and the 'f' word

Dec. 10, 2010 at 4:12 PM ET

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Take a lap.  Studies show that even kids who are involved in organized sports aren't receiving the recommended amounts of daily exercise.

A nutritionist in the U.K. suggests bringing the "fear of fat" back to young girls.  She says that years of telling our daughters to be happy in their own bodies has bred a generation of obese children and it's time to bring back the "f" word.

What to get that person who has everything this Christmas?  Might we suggest the MamAmor, the doll that gives birth (complete with placenta no less).  After the birthing process, the newborn snaps onto the mother doll's breast for its first feeding.  It retails for $130 but for the bargain-basement price of $145 you can order a custom doll.

Whose responsibility is it to tell kids the truth about Santa?  One father advocates telling his kids and suggests they spread the word.  We predict fewer play dates in his kids' futures.

Do we need an Emily Post for playground etiquette?  Not for the kids but for the parents.  The New York Times has an interesting discussion on if, how, and when parents should intervene in squabbles at the park.

To snip or not to snip? The question of circumcision used to be a fairly private family matter (bris ceremonies aside) but recently it's become the source of major debate

This season - water births are out, hypnosis is in.  The hot new trend in drug-free deliveries is apparently hypnosis.