Crib notes

Crib notes: Solo dad panics, seeks replacement wife/mother on Craigslist

Feb. 28, 2011 at 12:04 PM ET

Oftentimes, "Mother" feels like the most unappreciated job on the planet. One dad has recognized, in a very public way, all that his wife accomplishes in her daily slog: 26 hours after his wife left town, he panicked and posted a Craigslist ad for a temporary replacement wife because he quickly realized how hard her job really was.

Sunday night's Oscars were all about the moms! Many acknowledgements were made of the Oscar nominees' mothers, many of whom were interviewed about their talented offspring -- but the best acceptance speech of all (from a mom's perspective at least) came from the director of 'The King's Speech,' who said his mom gave him the idea for the movie.

Great, like migraines themselves don't suck enough, now scientists say that girls who suffer from the headaches are more likely than their peers to gain extra weight later in life.

It seems that from the day they arrive, little ones start to provide their moms with introductions to society -- the society of moms who have kids the same age as your kids. Sometimes these introductions lead to true friendships, for both moms and kids, but what happens when the kids drift apart? It can be hard for the moms to maintain their friendships independent of their children's relationship. Have you ever lost a friend when your child and your friend's kid went their separate ways?

Juggling the commitments between work and family isn't just a woman's domain. Increasingly, men are taking a more active role in child care and that's leading men to experience some of the same workplace struggles that women have long experienced. One attorney is suing his former law firm employer for firing him after taking parental leave. Hopefully as more men start to experience some of the challenges in balancing the obligations of work and home, improvements will be made to conditions for all working parents, regardless of gender.