Crib notes

Crib notes: Parents, teach kids to fear the escalator

Feb. 10, 2011 at 3:29 PM ET

Nearly every parent will say childhood goes too quickly. Increasingly, parents are saying that their kids' innocence is going too quickly as well. If you're one of the many parents who want "tweens" to just go back to being "kids," here are some tips to protect your child from being exposed to too much, too early.

Boys and their toys...  Why is it so often that their toy of choice is a gun? After every national tragedy involving guns (the recent Tucson shooting, the Virginia Tech massacre, Columbine...) parents question whether it's appropriate for kids to play with toy guns. One father defends his kids' right to bear (pretend) arms, saying it gives kids a sense of power when they have none and releases pent-up frustration. What do you think - do toy guns encourage violence or are they harmless toys?

Was Brodie from "Mallrats" right to rant about the danger of kids on escalators? A toddler in California recently had his finger severed by an escalator and he's not the only one to suffer bodily harm from the vertical transport devices. Parents, it turns out you do need to condition your kids to fear and respect that escalator.

When one reads the headline "The Sex Life of Parents," the natural reaction may be to start laughing, but one mom claims that while the logistics may be changed (kitchen table is out, locks on the bedroom are in), the game is still on and worth playing.

In honor of Black History Month, Momlogic has named their top moments in Black Mom history. From Coretta Scott King, to Clair Huxtable, to Mom-in-Chief, Michelle Obama, see what else makes the list.

Before we know it, they'll be marketing to sperm. Trying to establish a loyal brand customer from day one, Disney is now paying hospital maternity wards for exclusive access to their target demographic - newborns. Talk about robbing the cradle.