Crib notes

Crib notes: Moms a class act when gay son comes out

Feb. 28, 2012 at 6:21 PM ET

If you're gay, coming out to your parents has to be one of the hardest things you do. Even if they know and even if you know they know, just saying those words aloud can be challenging. One young man says that when he decided to come out to his mom, he searched YouTube for "coming out" videos but didn't find any. So, he made his own. Now, her reaction is the latest must-see YouTube video. His "news" was clearly not news to her, she'd long-suspected he was gay and had likely anticipated this very conversation for quite a while. Her unconditional love and support are impressive and inspiring. Some people have questioned the authenticity of this video, but this guy claims it's legit and says he cut a hole in a tissue box so that his mom wouldn't see the camera. Others have expressed frustration with him for spending more time looking at his smart phone than his mom during this momentous talk, but regardless, this video once again proves you just can't beat a mother's love.

Have uterus, will birth babies
Jill Hawkins is a baby-making machine. Having acted as a surrogate for eight babies, she's now cooking up numbers nine and ten. This single gal donated her eggs for the first seven babies, using artificial insemination. No longer able to conceive naturally, she now undergoes IVF treatments on behalf of couples wanting a child. Although a biological mother to many, she hasn't raised any of the children herself. The 48-year-old is hoping to make it a dozen before her 50th birthday. Well, it's always good to have goals in life...

Talking to girls about math is as easy as 1, 2, 3
Moms, are you having "the talk" with your daughters? No, not about sex. About math. New research shows that moms are less likely to talk about math and numbers with their daughters than they are with their sons. Even when kids are toddlers, parents are more likely to talk about numbers with boys, saying things like "Look, three fire trucks." Girls, not so much. Researchers argue that this lack of communication about math and numbers affects girls, making them less familiar and less comfortable with math by the time they reach elementary school.

Is an unwed, pregnant teacher a bad influence
We know that what we say and do has a bigger influence on our kids than what celebrities say and do. When it comes to shaping kids' lives and belief systems, it's the people around them who have the biggest influence -- people like their parents and their teachers. But, what if your child's otherwise excellent teacher makes an obvious life choice that you don't agree with? One mom was none-too-pleased to find out that her daughter's fourth grade teacher is about to become an unwed mother. She even went so far as to ask the teacher what she'd told the class about her condition and asked if she was planning on keeping the baby. The teacher said that she'd simply told the class that she was pregnant and had said nothing further. As for the keeping the baby question, the teacher came back with a kind and refined version of "none of your *%$# business, lady." This (overly?) concerned mom is even considering taking the situation up with the school's principal or moving her daughter to another class, although her husband thinks she should just drop it. Do you think this mom needs to move back to 1956 or does she have a legitimate concern?

Babies, get your knees ready, it's time for the Diaper Dash
On your marks, get set and go! And they're off folks, they're on all fours and they're making their way to the finish line and that $1,000 grand prize. Oh, the contestant in lane number three has stopped to sit up and drool, it would appear she's out of the crawling.  The Kentucky Derby may be steeped in history, but it has nothing on cuteness when it comes to the Fort Wayne Diaper Dash. Parents line their newly-mobile tots up and encourage them to crawl their way across the floor towards a potentially big cash prize.

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