Crib notes: Kindergarten, potty training, the 'Michelin Baby' & more

Aug. 19, 2010 at 5:47 PM ET

Stories, musings and tidbits about parenting from around the Web.After a full day of cleaning and doing and parenting, one Washington D.C. mommy blogger and full-time housewife asserts that the “Real Housewives” are absolutely nothing of the sort.First day angst: The emotional rigors of the first day of kindergarten. Is it tougher on the child or the parent?Is one really the loneliest number? In defense of the only child.Potty out of bounds: One mommy blogger learns the hard way that not every child potty-trains the same way.iPregnant: A first time mother-to-be breaks down and buys an iPhone, wondering if that will make her unborn child a “future tech-kid.”Tired of hearing only about blogging moms? Well, you’re in luck, as Australia’s Baby Sitter Directory just published an awesome round up of daddy blogs.Lights out, kids: According to Science Magazine (and who are we to argue with them?), there’s a new study that says that your kids may score higher on tests of development if you keep them on a consistent bedtime schedule.Whole lotta Lei Lei: Meet the 10-month-old Chinese boy, somewhat cruelly nicknamed the ‘Michelin Baby,’ who weighs over 44 pounds.What about you? Spotted anything noteworthy on the Web that you’d like to share with TODAY Moms? Let us know in the comments below.