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Crib notes: Hilarious teachers wanna dance

May 21, 2012 at 4:43 PM ET

The end of the school year is fast upon us, which means it's prank time. Seniors often spend a lot of time plotting the perfect prank, in the hopes it will be memorable and go down in school legend. But, in one school in Massachusetts, it's the teachers who pulled the prank, and yes, it will be legendary. History teacher, Mike Penney, interviewed many of his students on camera. While his students were thoughtfully reflecting on the school year, teachers busted a move in the background. Concentrating on their interviews, the kids were oblivious to the teachers dancing away behind them. The video, which Gawker shared, is hilarious and a welcome reprieve from the bad teacher stories that usually make headlines. You've got to give it to these teachers, even the ones who truly can't dance, get an "A" for effort. After all, they were dancing without music, only later on was the video set to Whitney Houston's "I Wanna Dance with Somebody." A couple of them can actually move, and a couple of them will crack you up with their game attempts at classic dance moves, like the sprinkler. Who doesn't love a teacher doing the sprinkler in hallway?!

Be extra careful with your kids around portable pools this summer
It's summertime and the livin' is easy. Unless you're a parent with a portable pool in the backyard. Then, you need to be constantly vigilant and ever aware. While we remember to keep a close eye on kids around the big, in-ground pools, we often relax our guard a bit when it comes to the smaller, portable pools. Bad idea. As MSNBC reports, a sobering new study was released saying that a child dies every five days in portable pools during the warm weather months. This includes everything from the little, plastic wading pools to the bigger, soft-sided pools that can be up to 4 feet deep. If you have a little, portable pool, it can be easy to send kids outside to play, forgetting that the pool has water in it. Don't forget. Experts remind us to have constant adult supervision, to stay within an arms' reach of small children, to use life jackets and block access to the pools if possible (which may be as easy as taking the ladder out of the pool). Be safe out there, everyone.

Get your Wiggles out
First the Beatles, then Sonny and Cher, now the Wiggles. Yet another famous and wildly successful band is calling it quits. As the Globe and Mail reports, the Wiggles are saying g'day mate to the music scene. The goofy musicians, who cater to the preschool crowd, have been belting out the tunes for 21 years now, often touring eight months out of the year. These poor, old guys in the brightly colored shirts are ready to retire and turn the turtlenecks over to a new generation of Wiggles. After a farewell world tour, three of the four Wiggles will ride off into the sunset, while three new Wiggles replace them, including... a female Wiggle. Tempted though you might be to mock the popular kiddie band, it's worth noting that they're Australia's second-highest paid entertainers, earning nearly $28 million last year. Way to wiggle your way to the bank there, guys.

School or Facebook, it's your choice
Speaking of Australia, one primary school principal Down Under is cracking down on underage kids with Facebook accounts. No, she's not reporting them to Facebook for being underage users; she's threatening to expel them from school. In an effort to clamp down on cyberbullying at the school, she's telling kids under 13 (and their parents) to shut down those accounts, or face expulsion. The higher-ups have her back, too, saying that principals have the authority to discipline kids  for misuse of technology "both at school and outside of school hours." However, as the Sydney Morning Herald reports, some lawyers question whether a school principal really has the authority to force kids to close their Facebook accounts. After all, the stipulation that users must be 13 years old, is a Facebook guideline, not a law. While some child psychologists have applauded the principal's stand, not all parents are happy about it.

Bye bye, boss
Was a pregnant Vegas casino employee really fired for saying "bye bye" on the phone to a guest instead of "goodbye?" That's what the gal, who was eight months pregnant at the time, is claiming in a new lawsuit. Unsurprisingly, the breach in phone etiquette that cost her the job, is said to have come after a prolonged period of discrimination after Melodee Megia's pregnancy became apparent. Melodee was in "room service sales," which means she answered the phone when guests called room service and sometimes helped to deliver things to guests. The Cosmopolitan Resort and Casino wouldn't comment on the pending litigation, but Melodee claims she suffered from verbal abuse and mistreatment because of her pregnancy. As ABC News reports, once, when she had to give another employee a packet of condoms to deliver to a guest, her boss allegedly said, "Isn't it too late for that? You should have thought about it before getting knocked up."

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