Crib notes

Crib notes: A dad's advice on raising boys and the IRS on breast-feeding

Jan. 25, 2011 at 5:17 PM ET

Students stripping and having oral sex in a classroom? This would be shocking on a college campus but in the second grade?! Truly unthinkable and utterly disturbing. In the understatement of the year, a district spokesman said, "We believe if the reports are true, there was a serious lapse of judgment or lack of supervision in the classroom." Home-schooling's looking better and better.

Keep it simple, stupid. That's the advice one dad is giving moms on how to raise boys. It turns out that guys like to talk about poop and not much else. They like to run around like crazy and then crash at bedtime. If you're beginning to worry that you won't be able to relate to your little Y chromosome, take heart. They're into fashion.

If you needed another reason to dislike the IRS, here it is. While acne creams and denture adhesives are considered legitimate medical write-offs, they've rejected breast pumps from being medical deductions on taxes. The reason? They say there aren't enough health benefits to warrant a medical deduction. Someone get these people a newspaper more recent than 1958, please.

The latest standardized test scores are out and it's good news for kids in Massachusetts and bad news for Mississippi. Where does your state rank?  Is it time to put in for a job transfer, or are you looking forward to your house values actually rising a bit from the news?

Are your kids having some trouble with school? Maybe they got caught cheating or they don't like their teacher. If the thought of yet another hefty parenting book has you feeling like you're stuck going back to school, here's an easily digestible CliffsNotes-style guide to helping kids with their problems at school.