Check out the awesome Tumblr inspired by the Cheerios ad backlash

June 25, 2013 at 4:29 PM ET

Cheerios Ad Backlash Inspires a Tumblr on Interracial Families
The Billups Family - Roswell, GA. Courtesy of We Are The 15 Percent (wearethe15percent.com ) /
After Cheerios Backlash, New Blog Champions Multiracial Families

It was the kind of story that made us sigh (and not in a good way): Last month, after Cheerios came out with a darn adorable commercial depicting a mixed-race family, there was a backlash among racist commenters on YouTube against the ad and the brand for daring to depict such a portrait of an American family. Happily, Cheerios backed up its portrayal—not that it should have even had to.

But! In response to the Cheerios ad controversy, Atlanta photographer Michael David Murphy and his wife, Alyson West, themselves a biracial couple, launched We Are the 15 Percent, a Tumblr with a stated mission to "publicly reflect the changing face of the American family." The name is a nod to the number of new marriages that are interracial, according to 2008 census data.

The blog calls for interracial families to send along their photos for inclusion on the site, in an effort to generate more media that reflects the reality of the county's family demographic.

We dare you to scroll through the pictures and not smile. There are wedding days, graduations, holidays, hiking trips, afternoons in the park—and even a shot of a family whose members all proudly hold Honey Nut Cheerios boxes.

It's an ending to an otherwise troubling story that, frankly, does our hearts good. Take that, haters.

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