Celebrity mom crush: Beyonce rocks her preggo pants

Sep. 2, 2011 at 1:03 PM ET

This week, we’re crushing on mom-to-be, Beyonce Knowles. While most people have been focused on her dramatic pregnancy announcement at the VMAs this week, we couldn’t take our eyes off the paneled maternity pants she was rocking.

Mario Anzuoni / Reuters /
Beyonce is rocking the maternity wear!

Many expectant gals have a two-part reaction to the paneled pants. Part One: Revulsion. Let’s face it, those are some scary-looking garments. Part Two: Bliss. Once you slide your bump into the soft belly-bra of those things, it’s pure comfort, if not pure fashion, from there on out. So, we were delighted when we saw Beyonce wearing them loud and proud because if anyone can make them stylish, she can. On behalf of pregnant women everywhere, we thank her for that.