Carson Daly

Carson Daly shares his perfect playlist for road trips with kids: Eminem, Neon Trees and Weird Al

July 15, 2014 at 10:31 PM ET

When TODAY anchor Carson Daly takes a road trip with his kids, he doesn't leave the music to chance. And none of that Kidz Bop stuff, they listen to real music (though, he hastens to note, the cleaned-up, radio- and kid-friendly versions of popular songs, with no explicit lyrics).

Here's Jack's (my 5-year-old son's) road trip playlist below. Being around music so much since he was born, and backstage for seven seasons of "The Voice," he loves music a lot — and I think other young boys (and parents) may enjoy this list of songs for any road trip. We'd love to see theirs, too. As I say to Jack, "Sharing is caring!"

What's your go-to music on a car ride with kids? Tell us on Facebook! And check out Carson's favorite road tunes here.

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