Valentine's Day

Our 5 favorite 'Hey Girl' Ryan Gosling memes

Feb. 14, 2013 at 5:34 PM ET

Best Hey Girl Ryan Gosling Memes
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Best Hey Girl Ryan Gosling Memes

Hey, girl, need a pick-me-up? A little Ryan Gosling is so much better than chocolates, roses or stuffed teddy bears.

The ultimate in eye candy, Gosling has become an online meme star, with a slew of sites sending out "messages" from The Notebook star—and sending our hearts aflutter.

The phenomenon started with a Tumblr blog, featuring photos of Gosling along with cute captions and has spread like wildfire—with blogs dedicated to the meme popping up faster than the actor's sexy five-o'clock shadow. Some examples:

Feminist Ryan Gosling
: "Hey Girl, Bradley Cooper? Really? Better than me? Seriously? I'm not jelly."

Handmade Ryan Gosling
: "Hey Girl, I found your Michael's receipts. No, I'm not mad. That's called dedication to your work."

Homeschool Ryan Gosling
: "Hey Girl, The Hunger Games definitely count as Language Arts, Literature and Social Science. And if you throw in some archery lessons, that's Phys. Ed. Heck. Yes."

Typography Ryan Gosling
: "Hey Girl, Good typography does more than just improve legibility and organize content. It can also add depth and character to language. You know, like me in Drive."

Hipster Ryan Gosling
: "Hey Girl, I promise, none of my facial hair is ironic."

And then there are the spin-offs of the spin-offs. Like Hey Girl, It's Paul Ryan ("Hey Girl, Debate prep is hard when all I want to do is study you."); the Rihanna-inspired Hey Girl, It's Rih ("Hey Girl, Let's rage together—against patriarchy."); or sites showing pics of real men, like Bliss Ranch ("Hey Girl, You know I love when you go to garage sales, but did that cool piece of junk really only cost a buck?")

Now, here's our Valentine's Day gift to you. Enjoy!

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