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April sweeties: TODAY's Babies of the Week

April 4, 2014 at 12:12 PM ET

There's nothing like a bouquet of sweet babies to put you in a spring-like mood. And we've got them, with our TODAY's Babies of the Week.


Each week, we ask parents to send in photos of their newborns along with advice they have for other parents. This week's comments reflect the reality of being a new parent where things change with baby by the hour, day and week. 

Laila Hammam and Loannis Karalis, parents of Sophia Karalis, born March 7, say: “Don’t be too stressed about life with a newborn. You know more than you think.” 

Chantiel Cooper, mom of Sonny M. Jones, says there is a key to beating exhaustion. “Take it day by day, the love for your new baby will overpower any exhaustion.” 

And in a nod to all the many worries you will have — whether it's related to eating or sleeping or gas bubbles or colic — Cassandra and Matthew Conn give great advice: "Just remember: ‘This too shall pass.’” The Conns welcomed Emma Grace into the world on Feb. 21. 

Each week, Kathie Lee and Hoda select a few JOHNSON'S Babies of the Week to be featured on TODAY. And because your kids are way too cute to stop there, we choose more little ones for our online gallery. 

If you have had a baby in the past two months, click on the “add photos” link and enter your little doll’s mug (newborn to 8 weeks old) for consideration to be featured on a future show and online in an upcoming week.  Click here to see advice on the kind of photos we're looking for in this contest.

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Here are this week's winners:

Video: Check out the adorable baby photos submitted by viewers for Johnson’s Babies of the Week.

And here are some more darlings whose cuteness made us swoon.