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Voice behind 'You've got mail' tracks our world in 2014

March 27, 2014 at 5:02 PM ET

Video: Elwood Edwards, the man who voiced AOL’s famous e-mail inbox greeting, lends his talent to a few of our internet alerts of today. Everything sounds better coming from Edwards, even when it’s your mom commenting on your Facebook profile.

It’s impossible to remember the early days of the Internet and not recall the comforting sound of your AOL inbox: “You’ve got mail!” 

It was the sweet reward after suffering through the grating noise of your dial-up Internet connection, letting you know there was someone (or some recording) in the world that cared. Gone are the days of AOL chat rooms and AIM, but Elwood Edwards, the voice behind the iconic e-mail greeting is one thing we wish we could hold on to. 

We tracked down Edwards, a video and graphics editor at NBC’s Cleveland’s affiliate, WKYC, and had him voice a few things we encounter on the Internet today — phrases that could benefit from his soothing voice.