Photobomb Friday

#PhotobombFriday: See our photos, send yours!

Sep. 27, 2013 at 7:21 AM ET

Video: Carson Daly helps celebrate the end of the work week by showing off some funny photobombs we’ve seen around Studio1A and sent in by TODAY viewers.

In a world where everyone has a camera thanks to the prevalence of phones and tablets, a new tradition has emerged — the photobomb.

Photobombing involves making your way into the background of the unsuspecting subjects of a photo, whether on purpose or on accident. 

Carson Daly demonstrated the art on Rockefeller Plaza last week -- but TODAY is no stranger to the photobomb. Take a look at his photos and some other TODAY family members getting in on the fun. Do you have some great photobombs? Send them to us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram using #PhotobombFriday and we'll feature our favorites. 


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