Behind the Tweet

Justin Long goes Behind the Tweet: 'My mom thinks David Blaine is Satan'

Dec. 19, 2013 at 7:28 AM ET

Celebrities now have a whole new reason to be careful what they tweet — TODAY just might rummage through their social past, asking them to back up their funny, cryptic or just downright strange tweets.

Justin Long was on TODAY Wednesday to chat about his upcoming film, "Walking with Dinosaurs" — but not before stopping in the Orange Room to walk us through some of his 140-character posts of yore. Like this classic: 

Watch the video to get the story behind the tweet — and find out which new acronym Long thinks we should add to our online vocabularies.

The actor also chatted about a few other stand-out tweets from his account.

"So I watched this David Blaine special with my mom and my mom goes to church fairly regularly and is quite Catholic. There are degrees of being Catholic, I think. She's not a nun, but she's just right below that."

So she said this in all earnestness as we were talking about how incredible it was, and my mom said 'I think he's Satan, I'm not kidding,' and she was dead serious. I remembered her saying the same thing about David Copperfield and Penn and Teller. She's got a thing about magicians, my mom."

And what about this picture Justin tweeted back in November? 

"'Tusk' references the movie I was doing. It's a movie Kevin Smith wrote and directed. In the picture is the equally great Harley Morenstein who plays a Canadian Border Patrol guard.

There's a lot of Canadian jokes, if you're into that sort of thing. Harley is from Canada and has this great thick Canadian accent to match his beard. He was hilarious and great to work with."