Behind the Tweet

Joe Manganiello shares 'most epic picture of my entire life'

March 26, 2014 at 11:26 AM ET

Video: What’s hotter than photos of actor Joe Manganiello shirtless? Photos of Joe Manganiello posing with his “new seal friend” from a recent visit to the Toronga Zoo in Sydney, Australia. The “Sabotage” star opens up about the cute pic and melts TODAY’s heart.

Plenty of pictures of Joe Manganiello cause the world to go wild. But one particular shot of the "True Blood" star really caught fire last summer.

Manganiello was visiting the Taronga Zoo in Sydney, Australia last July when he took a photo with one of the zoo's seals. He posted it to Twitter, but said it was when friend Anna Kendrick shared the picture that it truly went viral.

"Maybe my fan base isn't so big on cute pictures with seals, but hers was and it blew up," Manganiello explained. 

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