Behind the Tweet

Lindsey Vonn shares who she's missing while covering Olympics

Feb. 6, 2014 at 1:31 PM ET

Lindsey Vonn made her debut as an Olympic correspondent on TODAY Wednesday morning, and stopped by the Orange Room to take us behind some of her recent tweets.

In order to fulfill her new role at NBC, she had to part with her dog Leo for a whole week — the first time she'd left the one-year-old rescue dog behind since adopting him in January.

Vonn tweeted her goodbye to Leo, who actually has his very own Instagram account, where he regularly posts adorable photos.

Here's what Vonn had to say about the farewell:

Video: In "Behind the Tweet," TODAY Olympic correspondent Lindsey Vonn reveals her dog is on Instagram.

Something tells us Vonn got over her goodbye to Leo pretty quickly — just days later, she tweeted a photo of herself at Sunday night's Super Bowl. 

Vonn told us the story behind the photo she tweeted from the game, and who her NFL inspiration is:

Video: Even Olympic stars need some inspiration: TODAY Olympic correspondent Lindsey Vonn reveals one of hers in "Behind the Tweet."