#DearCongress, ‘I am embarrassed to be an American’: Nation sounds off on shutdown

Oct. 4, 2013 at 8:08 AM ET

Video: Just a few minutes after TODAY’s Carson Daly invited viewers to sound off their frustrations using #DearCongress, the hashtag was trending nationwide. Carson has rounded up the best of the responses, from tweets to memes to Vines.

After a deeply divided Congress failed to reach a resolution on a short-term funding measure, the federal government officially shut down early Tuesday morning. 

As various offices, parks and national landmarks — including the Statue of Liberty and the National Mall —close their doors, we're asking you to speak up. Tuesday morning Carson Daly launched the hashtag #DearCongress from the Orange Room so viewers could weigh in on the shutdown and its impact.

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Video: Orange Room host Carson Daly asks visitors to the TODAY plaza and Twitter users viewing at home to share their #DearCongress messages with TODAY.

The hashtag took off across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Vine, and became the top trend nationwide. Here are some notable responses.