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Will and Kate's challenge: Raising a modern royal baby

July 22, 2013 at 12:38 PM ET

As choppers circle overhead and reporters and photographers surrounded the hospital tweet from their phones, it's clear that this was thoroughly modern royal baby birth. It was announced on Monday via press release that the Duchess of Cambridge gave birth to a boy who weighed in at 8 pounds, 6 ounces.

Still, traditional elements remained: That easel where the announcement was placed was the same one used for Prince William's birth in 1982, for example. Royal experts Camilla Tominey and Robert Jobson shared more ways this baby is ushering in a "new era" for the British monarchy:

Video: Outside St. Mary’s Hospital, where Duchess Catherine is currently in labor with her first child, royal experts Camilla Tominey and Robert Jobson discuss the impending arrival of the future heir to the throne.

Princess Diana, the original modern royal mom, wanted her kids' lives to be as normal as possible, opting to give birth at at St. Mary's Hospital instead of at Kensington Palace and sending him to a regular school. Watch below for more ways the people's princess set the scene:

Video: Bringing up a future king or queen in a modern-day world comes with many complications. TODAY’s Natalie Morales takes a look back at Princess Diana’s attempts to give her sons lives as normal lives as possible, and how her example might inspire Prince William and Duchess Catherine.

Diana, the Princess of Wales
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