Wedding by Denny’s: Get hitched over eggs in Vegas

Many little girls dream of their weddings — the white dress, flowers, beautiful ring, and a Denny’s Grand Slam. Wait, what, a Grand Slam?

That's right. Starting in early 2013, customers at Denny’s new 6,400-square foot Las Vegaas diner will be able to scarf down some pancakes, eggs and bacon and then saunter over to the wedding chapel to get hitched.

“We’re all about people coming together and being with each other and having fun at all hours of the day or night,” Denny’s CMO Frances Allen told “We set out to design the diner of the 21st century [where people can] be themselves … and even get married.”

The new restaurant, located in in the Neonopolis shopping center on Fremont Street, will employ a licensed marriage officiator to preside over weddings, which can happen 24 hours a day. Wedding photos? No problem. Patrons can pop into a photo booth and upload them to social media. (Photo booths at weddings seem to be all the rage so Denny’s has the current wedding trends covered.)

“For our wedding chapel, we wanted to create a space within a very gorgeous dining room that would feel intimate, yet fun, and really provide the couple the flexibility for any kind of wedding they wanted,” Allen said.

The details of wedding packages, including price, have not yet been set, but Allen does confirm that the company is perfecting a wedding cake made of Pancake Puppies, the chain's signature breaskfast appetizer — crispy balls of pancake that are fried and then rolled in powdered sugar.

Weddings won’t start until the first quarter of 2013 because Denny’s wants to make sure the restaurant runs smoothly for a few months after its mid-to-late November opening.

This won't be the first Denny's to host a wedding. Allens said for years Denny’s restaurants around the country have hosted weddings for couples that love the diner; many of them met at Denny’s or went on their first date there.

The Denny's chapel joins a growing list of Sin City alternatives to the traditional Elvis-officiated wedding. For $99 the Las Vegas Wedding Wagon will marry couples at any sidewalk or roadside landmark they want. Couples visiting Vegas can also get married in a helicopter, on private ship, in a gondola, limo, or a naked rooftop wedding.

But Denny’s feels as if their wedding chapel will bring people together: “We wanted to go back to our heritage and celebrate that we were the original diner … we were the original social network,” Allen said.