TODAY's Takeaway: TODAY welcomes spring; Matt bids adieu to his beard

Dylan reports from the Macy's flower show, Matt shaves his beard and Sarah Bajc reacts to Flight 370 developments.

1. News broke overnight that plane wreckage, possibly from the missing Malaysia Airlines jet, was discovered off Australia’s west coast. The news set the girlfriend of one of the flight’s American passengers on edge.

“A friend called me with the information, and I don’t think I’ve stopped shaking since,” Sarah Bajc, girlfriend of passenger Philip Wood, told Savannah.

2. Today marks the first day of spring! For many of us, what that really means is goodbye to Matt Lauer’s beard. (But only until No-Shave November 2014!)

Which look do you prefer? #YesBeard or #NoBeard?


3. Besides shaving, TODAY celebrated spring with fashion trends, backyard landscaping tips and mini golf on the plaza.

4. Also Dylan offered viewers a sneak peek at Macy’s annual flower show.

5. Then John Leguizamo cracked Tamron, Al and Natalie up with stories from his career — including the time Sean Penn repeatedly slapped him in the face for a “Casualties of War” scene that never made the movie.

Also, John and Natalie danced.

And that’s TODAY’s Takeaway!

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