TODAY's Takeaway: Shutdown woes, new $100 bills, wild Halloween prank

TODAY highlights: Kevin Breel gives a TED talk on depression; Matt Lauer holds up the new $100 bill; a viral Halloween prank.

1. The families of five U.S. service members who recently lost loved ones in Afghanistan were notified that they wouldn’t be receiving the $100,000 benefit normally wired to relatives within 36 hours of the death. 

"The government is hurting the wrong people," said Shannon Collins, whose son was killed over the weekend.

2. Are we following the rules too closely? Americans chuck 160 billion pounds of food every year, but a lot of that food is perfectly good. Jeff Rossen looks into confusing and often misleading “sell-by” dates.

3. For years, Kevin Breel hid his depression behind jokes and laughter. But then, after entertaining thoughts of suicide, the comedian decided to talk about his depression. What kept him from sharing his struggle and looking for help was the stigma surrounding the mental illness, he says in a new TED talk that’s gone viral. 

4. Is this the ultimate Halloween prank? New York City coffee lovers witnessed what appeared to be a real life "Carrie," an infuriated female patron throwing a man against a wall, knocking down pictures and books, and shoving tables to one side ... all with her mind.

5. Add some change to that cash: New $100 bills were finally unveiled, and the new Benjamins sport bigger heads and a splashy new watermark.

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