TODAY's Takeaway

TODAY's Takeaway: Savannah's birthday, NYE recipes, Matt's GIF win

Dec. 27, 2013 at 1:15 PM ET

Savannah turns a year older, Willie and Natalie sample New Year's Eve recipes and Matt (as Pam) is our viewers' choice.
Savannah turns a year older, Willie and Natalie sample New Year's Eve recipes and Matt (as Pam) is our viewers' choice.

1. Did you get everything on your Christmas wish list? If not, you may be in luck, says Hitha Prabhakar.

The retail analyst told Savannah that post-Christmas shopping can mean great deals – even better than Black Friday savings.

Video: Retail analyst HItha Prabhakar recommends post-Christmas shopping for bargain hunters, pointing out that some of the potential savings, including deep discounts on HDTVs and clothing, are better than prices offered on Black Friday.

2. Speaking of Savannah, it’s her birthday today! Wish TODAY’s klutziest co-anchor a happy one on Facebook — and be sure to admire the adorable childhood picture she shared.

Video: In honor of her 42nd birthday, Savannah got a slew of presents from the anchors, including her very own Smucker’s jar birthday label.

3. It’s official: Matt dressed as Pam Anderson for Halloween was TODAY viewers’ favorite GIF’d moment of 2013. (Because… obviously.)

Matt Lauer does his best Pam Anderson impression

Check out the rest of the year's top moments in GIF form here:

Video: The comedian’s surprise cameo during Natalie’s news spot, Tamron swarmed by puppies in the orange room, and Matt’s memorable impersonation of Pamela Anderson are just a few of the top TODAY GIFs of 2013.

4. One family’s dramatic rescue of a bald eagle has brought hope to scientists struggling to identify a mysterious illness that’s killed more than a dozen of the treasured birds. See their story here:

Video: Researchers are racing to identify a mysterious ailment that has killed more than a dozen bald eagles so far in northern Utah. NBC’s Miguel Almaguer reports.

5. Do you need New Year’s Eve party planning help? Kimberly Schlegel Whitman offered Willie and Natalie a few last-minute tips, from how to make DIY floating candles to setting up cheesecakes for guests to decorate.

Video: Kimberly Schlegel Whitman of Southern Living magazine has a few decorative ideas to help you pull of a party with grace and style, even if it’s at the last minute.

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