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TODAY's Takeaway: Ryan Ferguson's free; Natalie's #InspiredBy

Nov. 13, 2013 at 4:48 PM ET

Ryan Ferguson is a free man, Willie pretends he's Ron Burgundy and Natalie is inspired by Augie Nieto.
Ryan Ferguson is a free man, Willie pretends he's Ron Burgundy and Natalie is inspired by Augie Nieto.

1. After spending nearly 10 years in prison for second-degree murder, Ryan Ferguson was freed this month when a judge vacated his conviction on Nov. 5, and he found out on Tuesday that prosecutors will not retry him and that all charges have been dropped.

“It's been a wild ride," he told Savannah in his first live interview since being freed. “Seeing the light come out and the sun come up, it's pretty incredible.”

Video: Ryan Ferguson, who was released from prison after his murder conviction was overturned, talks to Savannah Guthrie about his feelings, family, and plans for the future.

2. Natalie introduced us to this morning to Augie Nieto, a person who’s had a large impact on her life, as part of this week’s #InspiredBy series.

Augie was diagnosed seven years ago with Lou Gehrig’s disease, but his passion for life is still going strong. So much so that he’s planning to walk his daughter down the aisle next spring.

Video: As TODAY’s week-long #InspiredBy series continues, Natalie Morales shares her inspiration: Life Fitness founder Augie Nieto, who has ALS and has raised millions to battle the disease.

3. Willie Geist is kind of a big deal. Or so he thought he was when he dressed up as Ron Burgundy at the Newseum’s new “Anchorman” exhibit.

The D.C. museum, devoted to serious journalism, is running the ode to Ferrell through next summer. Will you check it out?

Video: TODAY’s Willie Geist channels Ron Burgundy, the preening news anchor played by Will Ferrell, after visiting “Anchorman: The Exhibit” at the Newseum journalism museum in Washington, D.C.

4. Bankruptcy doesn't mean a lack of good ideas – not for Detroit.

One sprang from 26-year-old Andy Didorosi: He installed electronic trackers on restored buses to help the commuters and children who, because of budget cuts, can’t rely on public transportation. Learn more about the little bus that could below:

Video: Detroit has declared bankruptcy and times there are hard, but one man has found a way to make commuting a bit easier for the city’s residents. For TODAY’s American Story, Bob Dotson shows how innovative tracking technology helped “the little bus company that could.”

5. Were you planning to make turkey for Thanksgiving? Well, Todd English thinks that’s just silly when you could make this:

Video: Can you imagine Thanksgiving without the turkey? Well, chef Todd English cooks up a delicious alternative main dish in TODAY’s kitchen that just might make you say bye-bye to the bird: bone-in spiral cut ham with ginger-maple pineapple and jalapeno glaze.

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