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TODAY's Takeaway: Indy 500 winner's son steals show; anchors learn pregnancy etiquette

1. Ryan Hunter-Reay won the Indianapolis 500 Sunday, but he shared the spotlight with someone much smaller: his 1-year-old son.

"Obviously [Ryden] stole the show with the world's smallest race suit, and it's all to scale — every logo that's on my suit,'' Ryan told TODAY.

2. Etiquette expert Thomas Farley chatted with Matt and Savannah about the biggest breaches of pregnancy etiquette, from touching a woman’s belly to making comments about their weight.

What do you think is the most annoying thing people do to pregnant women?

3. Actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus' newest project is a personal one — it's a documentary that traces her father's decision to sell his extensive art collection to benefit people at risk.

"What I learned in making this film about my dad ... was his personal emotional investment not only in the artwork itself but also in the lives of the artists whom he's gotten to know in the process over many decades," she said.

4. Two years after a Rossen Reports investigation of a telemarketing company accused of making millions of illegal calls, the company has been ordered to pay a $3.4 million penalty.

Tell us: How do you handle telemarketers?

5. Howie Mandel promised that the upcoming season of “America’s Got Talent” is the craziest yet.

"This year, the bar has been raised," he told Matt. "It's the most outrageous year ever."

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