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TODAY's Takeaway: Gabby Giffords skydives, Bode Miller feels his age 

Jan. 9, 2014 at 2:49 PM ET

Gabby Giffords marks a milestone and Bode Miller feels his age.
Gabby Giffords marks a milestone and Bode Miller trains to keep up with “young kids.”

1. Gabby Giffords marked three years since the Tucson, Ariz., shooting that left her with a gunshot wound to the head by doing something that brought her “a lot of fun” and “peace”: skydiving.

Video: In a TODAY exclusive, the former congresswoman achieves an important milestone on her road to recovery: She goes skydiving to mark three years since the shooting that injured her.

Savannah was there to support Giffords in her courageous jump, and sat down with her afterward to hear about the former congresswoman’s goals, like learning Spanish and the French horn.

Video: The former congresswoman reveals her latest round of recovery goals to TODAY’s Savannah Guthrie.

2. At 36, skiing superstar Bode Miller will be one of the oldest athletes competing at the upcoming Olympics. He told Matt he’s pushing himself in training to keep up with the “young kids.”

“I’m healthy enough that I’m skiing as hard as I can, but I definitely feel my age,” Miller said.

Video: The most decorated U.S. skier of all time discusses his goals for Sochi, the death of his brother and a headline-making custody dispute in an exclusive interview with TODAY’s Matt Lauer.

3. Tennis legend Billie Jean King told Matt she doesn’t need to make a statement about Russia’s anti-gay laws when she heads to Sochi next month as an Olympic delegate.

"When we step off the plane, we are part of America," she said. "We are what America looks like."

Video: The tennis great discusses heading to Sochi as one of three openly gay members of the U.S. delegation in an exclusive interview with TODAY’s Matt Lauer.

4. Kardashians matriarch Kris Jenner insisted her split from longtime husband Bruce Jenner — while shocking — isn’t sad.

“We're best friends. I mean, we talk all the time,” she told Carson. “Right now, it's just ... we're happier the way that we are right now. We're really happy. Life is normal, except we're living in two different houses.”

Video: With season nine of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” set to air on Jan. 19 on the E! Network, reality TV matriarch Kris Jenner talks about her recent split from Olympian Bruce Jenner in an exclusive interview with TODAY’s Carson Daly.

5. Kathie Lee and Hoda announced their Shine a Light causes: encouraging victims of Superstorm Sandy to create new memories and helping children with cancer. They talked about why they chose each cause this morning:

Video: As part of TODAY’s special series “Shine a Light,” Hoda Kotb plans to create an inspirational music video to serve as an anthem for kids fighting cancer, while Kathie Lee Gifford wants to create a coffee table book to encourage victims of Superstorm Sandy to make new memories.

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