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TODAY's Takeaway: Funniest show moments of 2013, hero pup saves owner's life

Dec. 18, 2013 at 6:42 PM ET

Viewers make low-cal desserts, TODAY looks back at 2013's funniest moments and fans show support for man who fell in tracks.
Viewers make low-cal desserts, TODAY looks back at 2013's funniest moments and fans show support for man who fell in tracks.

1. What was your favorite TODAY moment of 2013? 

This morning’s year-end montage, featuring some of the funniest show moments of 2013, showed that Matt, Savannah, Natalie, Al, Willie, Carson, Kathie Lee and Hoda know how to enjoy themselves year-round. Check it out:

Video: Relive the TODAY anchor team’s hilarious antics this year, with this highlight reel of the very best moments from 2013.

2. The story of a guide dog who saved his owner’s life after he fell onto New York City’s subway tracks is warming TODAY fans’ hearts.

Hundreds expressed concern on TODAY’s Facebook page, asking how to help the man, 61-year-old Cecil Williams, keep his soon-to-retire pup. As the day progressed, strangers kept on stepping up — so much so that Williams held an emotional press conference on Wednesday afternoon to thank people for allowing him to keep his dog. 

Video: A heroic guide dog named Orlando is getting praise for saving his owner, a blind man named Cecil Williams, who fell onto the subway tracks in New York, and barking for help, which ultimately saved the man’s life.

3. Ever wonder what you’d do if you won the lottery? Kerry Sanders reveals the steps you'd first take, from claiming winnings to selfie shots.

Video: NBC’s Kerry Sanders presents a “what if” scenario, showing the steps a Mega Millions lottery jackpot winner would go through to claim their winnings, including everything from signing forms to taking celebratory selfie shots.

4. It was a sweet morning in Studio 1A. Winning viewers got a chance to show the anchors their holiday cookie recipes. (Could Savannah’s favorite, salted caramel chocolate shortbread bars, sound any more delicious?)

Video: After the TODAY anchors revealed their favorite holiday cookies, viewers sent in the recipes for their versions by the hundreds. Check out what the five favorites are, and learn how to make them from their original creators.

Then three health-conscious chefs showed off their low-calorie holiday pie recipes. The apple-cranberry mini pie took home the top award, but not without a good fight.

Video: Three choices for the “too good to be healthy” holiday pie series have been selected, and Al and Willie are set to make the final delicious decision.

5. "Dinosaurs" star Justin Long was a wonderful TODAY guest host. Take a look at his skills:

Video: Funnyman and actor Justin long joins Al, Natalie, and Willie for TODAY’s Take and provides some hilarious commentary on everything from Toronto mayor Rob Ford’s awkward City Hall dance moves to Al’s weather update.

6. Is your favorite holiday film still in the running? Check out round two of TODAY’s Christmas Movie Face-off to see, and remember to cast your vote!

Christmas movie face-off bracket

And that's TODAY's Takeaway!

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