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TODAY's Takeaway: Don't 'doubt' Vonn, Dion debuts 'edgier' sound

Oct. 28, 2013 at 2:21 PM ET

Lindsey Vonn's going for the gold (again), Celine Dion's back after six years and Tim Conway is out with a memoir.
Lindsey Vonn's going for the gold (again), Celine Dion's back after six years and Tim Conway is out with a memoir.

1. Champion skier Lindsey Vonn won’t let last February’s accident on the slopes stop her from going for gold at the Sochi 2014 Winter Games. It was eight months ago that she required knee surgery and diligent rehabilitation, but she is determined to win.

“You better believe it,” Vonn told Matt of making it to the medal stand. “You better not doubt me.”

Video: American skier Lindsey Vonn is going full speed ahead on her journey to the Winter Olympics in Sochi despite a terrible crash last February. She tells TODAY’s Matt Lauer that even though she’s only been back on the slopes for a few days, her knee feels great, and reveals that boyfriend Tiger Woods has taught her patience through her recovery.

2. Six-time Emmy winner and comedy legend Tim Conway spoke to Matt about his new memoir, "What's So Funny? My Hilarious Life," and explained how he first got into comedy.

"I had dyslexia, and whenever I got up to read in class, everybody laughed at me," Conway explained. "So I thought it was kind of funny to keep it going."

Video: Author of a new memoir called “What’s So Funny? My Hilarious Life,” six-time Emmy winner Tim Conway tells TODAY’s Matt Lauer what it was like working with the hilarious Carol Burnett and explains how having dyslexia as a child helped launch his comedy career.

3. Magic mystery solved! Ringo Starr wanted to know: Who were the teens in a photograph he took in 1964?

Forty-nine years later, TODAY revealed the Beatles fans’ identities – on the plaza.

Video: The high school students who were photographed in a Chevrolet Impala by the Beatles’ drummer 49 years ago were skipping school to see the Fab Four, and now, five of the students will get to meet Starr in Las Vegas.

4. What events or activities have you endured for the sake of your kids?

This weekend, Al brought his 14-year-old daughter to a Drake concert in Connecticut. He proceeded to post a hilarious video of himself at the event with the hashtag #TooOld. Oh, what dads will do for their daughters!

Video: TODAY’s own Al Roker unleashes a rant that any father can relate to when he describes his experience at a Drake concert this past weekend. He endured the show despite painfully loud music, but when his 14-year-old daughter was hit on by college-age boys, he let his paternal instincts run wild.

5. She’s back! It’s been six years since Celine Dion released an English-language album, but today the five-time Grammy winner showed offer her vocal acrobatics with “a different sound.”

“I kind of think it's a modern, fresh, a little edgier album,” she said in between performances.

Video: Singing sensation Celine Dion is out with a new album, “Loved Me Back to Life,” her first CD in six years. She performs the powerful song “Somebody Loves Somebody” in the TODAY studio.

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