Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth leaves the hospital

March 4, 2013 at 9:57 AM ET

Andrew Winning / Reuters /
Nurse Anne Jenkins bids farewell to Britain's Queen Elizabeth as she leaves the King Edward VII hospital in London Monday.

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth left a London hospital Monday, less than a day after being admitted for a stomach bug.

The queen had experienced symptoms of gastroenteritis, according to Buckingham Palace. She was admitted Sunday night into King Edward VII Hospital, the same private London facility that treated Duchess Kate, the pregnant wife of her grandson, Prince William, back in December for severe morning sickness.

The queen’s official engagements for this week will be either postponed or canceled as a precaution, the palace said in a statement. Among her activities was a planned trip to Italy where she was to meet Wednesday with President Giorgio Napolitano.

The queen recently finished a year of high-profile events, including the celebration of 60 years on the throne and the Summer Olympics last year.

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