The Royals

Prince Harry jumps on the royal photobombing bandwagon

July 29, 2014 at 12:10 PM ET

Proving he could be just as cheeky as his grandmother, Prince Harry became the latest in the British royal family to take part in a photobombing session with unsuspecting picture-takers.

The prince, 29, can be seen giving an enthusiastic thumbs up just two rows behind three New Zealand sports officials getting their picture taken Monday at the Glasgow Commonwealth Games.

Former Olympic boxer Trevor Shailer posted the picture on his Facebook page with the caption, “photo of the day,” before using it as his new profile picture. Shailer is sitting with Sir Gordon Tietjens, the coach of the New Zealand rugby team, and university professor Gary Hermansson. All three men are wearing Kiwi team jerseys.

Video: Prince Harry is clearly enjoying himself at the games in Scotland, joining some athletes for hand-to-hand roughhousing.

Prince Harry's antics comes days after Queen Elizabeth was caught grinning for the camera at the same Games. Her Royal Highness can be seen in the background of several selfies taken by Australian field hockey team.

Prince Harry was attending the Commonwealth Games with his brother, Prince William, who can be spotted in the far right of the picture he photobombed, and sitting next to his sister-in-law, Duchess Kate. Alas, only her hair is caught in the snapshot.

However, neither Kate nor William shied away from the camera — or showing their emotions — that day, as seen by numerous photos that captured the couple acting as true sports spectators.

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