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Photos reveal Prince Harry's leisure time in Afghanistan

Jan. 27, 2013 at 10:32 AM ET

Games, candy-swapping and hanging out with his fellow crewman kept Prince Harry entertained while serving in Afghanistan, according to newly released images of the royal on duty at Camp Bastion. 

Prince Harry, 28, an Apache helicopter pilot, is known as Capt. Wales in the Army. He told the BBC that serving in Afghanistan is “as normal as it’s going to get" for him, and said that while he's in his fatigues he's just one of the guys. But he's heading back to Britain shortly, after decompression time on a base in Cyprus. 

The royal said he's thrilled to get back to England, and especially looking forward to being an uncle for the first time, as his sister-in-law Duchess Kate is set to give birth this summer.  

John Stillwell / Pool via Getty Images /
Prince Harry sits with his fellow troops in the dining hall at Camp Bastion. A British pool report said Prince Harry and his squad were known to swap Kit Kats and Rice Krispies Squares for candy from the American soldiers, with M&Ms at the top of the list.
John Stillwell / Pool via AFP - Getty Images /
The food at the dining hall at Camp Bastion serves around 30,000 people at one time, and 27 tons of salad and fruit come in every week alone. Prince Harry is known to have a penchant for fast food, and on his trips to the U.S. he's stopped in at taco stands and burger joints.
John Stillwell / Pool via EPA /
Prince Harry and his fellow pilots passed the time in Afghanistan playing games, like this game of Uckers, which is similar to the game Parcheesi. "Whoever loses...then you have to make brews for everybody all day," Prince Harry told the Associated Press, referring to cups of tea.
John Stillwell / Pool via Reuters /
Prince Harry and his fellow crewman also entertained themselves playing PlayStation and watching movies. Rumor had it that the royal was a formidable PlayStation opponent but he dismissed the claims, telling the Associated Press, "I don't know who told you that. I lost two days ago, and yesterday, so since you guys have been here I've only lost."
John Stillwell / Pool via Reuters /
News teams were allowed to interview Prince Harry during his four-month deployment to Afghanistan, as long as the interviews weren't released until after he'd left the country. In an interview with the BBC, he confirmed he had killed insurgents and said, "If there's people trying to do bad stuff to our guys, then we'll take them out of the game."
John Stillwell / Pool via EPA /
Prince Harry didn't get to go home for Christmas but that didn't stop him from getting into the spirit. According to the Telegraph, the Christmas feast at Camp Bastion included 200 turkeys, 140 joints of beef, 40 boxes of sprouts and 120 bags of potatoes.

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