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New 'True Blood' photos feature evil looks and bloody vampires

Can't wait until the return of "True Blood" next month? You're in luck! HBO has released a whopping 22 photos from season six for your enjoyment.

As fans already know from the trailer, it's going to be a battle between humans and vamps next season, thanks to Russell Edgington and his love Steve Newlin being caught on tape gorging on a bunch of non-supernaturals. Then there's also the little issue of Vampire Bill, who ended last season by feasting on Lilith's blood and being reborn as a super vamp with a god complex.

To get a little taste of what's coming up for the Bon Temps gang, take a look through the slideshow:

'True Blood' season 6 photos

Get a sneak peek at the upcoming season of HBO's supernatural drama in 22 photos!

"True Blood" season six premieres on June 16 on HBO.