Mom of toddler in hit-and-run: 'I was so close to losing my son'

Michigan police are asking for the public’s help in finding a driver who backed into a mother and her toddler and then fled the scene after dragging the stroller containing the child across a parking lot.

Amazingly, the child was not injured and the mom escaped with only minor injuries in the accident, which was captured on surveillance video.

Arriena Currier had just left a convenience store when a gold minivan backed into her and her 18-month-old, Elijah, who was strapped into his stroller. Currier was knocked over, but her son’s stroller got caught on the back of the van and was dragged several feet across as the lot as the car began to drive away.

“It was scary and terrifying because I was so close to losing my son,” Currier told NBC’s Stephanie Gosk. “I knew I had to get up, go after him and save him.”

The video shows Currier leaping up and sprinting after the van, which stopped long enough for her to pull the boy away. The driver then raced off.

Police have released an image of the man they believe was behind the wheel of the van, a stolen vehicle they have since recovered. Authorities hope they can find the suspect with the public's help. In the meantime, they are praising the way Currier and those with her handled her stunning accident.

“I applaud all involved for not trying to engage the driver and worsening the situation,” said Jeffrey Lewis, public safety director for Muskegon, Mich.

Currier feels lucky that her son survived the accident without a scratch and that she escaped with very minor injuries.

“My grandma says that someone was watching over us and it wasn't our time to go yet,” she said.