Mom of injured model: Her new eye is 'beautiful'

The healing for 23-year-old model Lauren Scruggs made progress Saturday, when she was fitted for a prosthetic to replace the left eye she lost after a devastating plane propeller accident in December.

The new eye is “beautiful,’’ her mother wrote early Thursday morning on the site, where she has updated her daughter’s progress since the accident on Dec. 3. During an eight-hour procedure Saturday, an ocularist fitted and measured Scruggs for the prosthetic and then “carefully painted and shaped the new eye,’’ her mother wrote.

The model and fashion blogger from Plano, Texas, continues to rebuild her body after suffering injuries that included a severed left hand and trauma to her brain when she accidentally walked into a moving plane propeller. Scruggs had taken a private flight to view Christmas lights in the Dallas area with a pilot friend before tragedy struck.

Lauren's prosthetic news comes after what her mother called an "excruciating" week that was Lauren's “toughest yet" in a post on Jan. 27. Thursday she said that while Scruggs’s physical pain has lessened, difficult days still lie ahead.

“Lo's physical pain has subsided a great deal,’’ Cheryl Scruggs wrote. “It is now the emotional pain that is the tough one.

“These last couple of weeks have been tough. Like I mentioned last week, we are making our way through the five stages of grief. Hard to say where each of us are on a given day, in a given minute. At this point, somewhere between denial, anger and bargaining, I think.’’

She revealed the toll the recovery has taken on the family's normally optimistic outlook.

“I feel like such a debbie-downer; not being my upbeat, positive self,’’ Cheryl Scruggs wrote. “And I find it hard to write and put on paper what we are really experiencing. Have two months really gone by? Did Christmas really come and go? Is it really 2012?

“Hard to believe it’s been 2 months since it all happened; sometimes it feels like a day; sometimes it feels like 5 years.”