Michelle Obama on TODAY: Drink more water, America

To promote her newest healthy living initiative, Michelle Obama delivered a special message to TODAY viewers and “stole’’ the coffee mugs of the anchors on Thursday and replaced them with glasses of water.

The first lady, 49, is urging Americans to drink more water, partnering with cities like Chicago and Houston and private companies like Brita, Poland Spring and Evian to promote the healthy benefits of water consumption. Obama, who has also targeted childhood obesity with her "Let's Move" program, taped a special message for TODAY viewers on Thursday. TODAY anchors Savannah Guthrie, Matt Lauer, Al Roker and Natalie Morales then raised their glasses for a cool drink of water. 

“Today I’m working to inspire Americans from all across the country to drink more water,’’ Obama said. “That’s why I’ve stolen Matt and Savannah’s mugs and exchanged them with water glasses. Water is the best and easiest choice we can make to feel energized, focused, healthy and refreshed. You are what you drink, and when you drink water, you’re at your best, so drink up.” 

On a conference call with reporters on Wednesday, "Let's Move" executive director Sam Kass cited data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention showing that one in four kids does not drink water at all on a daily basis and that 43 percent of Americans drink fewer than four cups a day. The campaign looks to accentuate the positives of water consumption for overall health. 

"We think people respond really well to positive messages,'' Kass told reporters. "Water is the simplest, most accessible choice that people can make if they're trying to make a healthy choice. Encouraging that is the most effective strategy."

Michelle Obama's effortless style

Image: First Lady Michelle Obama Hosts Talent Show At White House
Alex Wong

The first lady looks as sophisticated in designer dresses as she does in outfits from J. Crew.


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