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Kate on becoming queen: 'You'll be waiting an awfully long time!'

March 5, 2013 at 3:45 PM ET

Toby Melville / Reuters /
For the first time, a tiny baby bump is visible as Kate arrives in Grimsby, England.

Sporting a chocolate coat and an adorable baby bump, Duchess Kate visited the seaport of Grimsby in Lincolnshire, England on Tuesday and charmed everyone she met. She also got put on the spot about the issue of royal succession.

While visiting with patients from St. Andrews Hospice, an older patient named Claire Moss-Smith smiled widely after shaking Kate’s hand and said, “I’m waiting for you to be queen!” Everyone standing nearby laughed, including the Duchess.

Video: Duchess Kate pays a visit to Grimsby

“You’ll be waiting an awfully long time!” Kate replied with a smile.

Kate also stopped by Grimsby’s Fishing Heritage Centre, where she chatted with a woman in her 40s named Bobby Brown. Brown asked Kate how her pregnancy has been going, and Kate said she could feel the baby kicking.

To watch ITN's entire enchanting video of Duchess Kate during her visit to Grimsby, click here.

Laura T. Coffey contributed to this report.

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