'I keep learning new things': Photographer dazzles with brilliant bubble images

March 13, 2014 at 6:41 AM ET

Image: Beautiful reflections on soap bubbles
Richard Heeks
Is that a planet in a faraway galaxy? No, it's a soap bubble photographed by Richard Heeks!

Heeks has had great success photographing soap bubbles, transforming fleeting, short-lived moments into stunning images that can be admired for hours.

"The reflections and colors are so interesting and complex that the possibilities seem inexhaustible," Heeks told "I keep learning new things from bubbles."

This mesmerizing collection of Heeks’ bubble photos will make you feel like a kid again:

British photographer Richard Heeks skillfully photographs brilliant reflections in shimmering soap bubbles.

Mish Whalen, who still has fun blowing bubbles with her kids, is a senior multimedia editor for