Have Santa send it! Best mail-order gifts

Why get up in the early morning for a doorbuster sale when you can sleep in, avoid parking at the mall and skip the long lines to the register? Instead, browse catalogs and the Internet to find the perfect gift for your dad, your mom, husband and best friend. These gifts offer delights for the tongue, wearable style, cozy comfort and wonderfully artistry:


Harry & David
Cream of the Crop Golden Pears; $39.95;   Their famous Royal Riviera pears wrapped in gold foil. They are sweet and velvety and each weighs nearly a pound.
Best with Beer; $65The question was once “Should I pair a red or white wine with this cheese?” It’s now broadened to: “Should I eat this cheese with beer or wine?” Beer is a great partner — it’s refreshing, and the bubbles lend a liveliness to cheese. Great conversation piece for a party and particularly well-suited for the young and hip.
The Entertainer Cheese Gift; $54.99When you think of Wisconsin, you undoubtedly think of cheese. And Gile Cheese has been around since 1946. They offer 11 gift boxes to chose from at various price points. The Entertainer includes various cheeses, summer sausage, cheese spread and hot mustard.

Sweet & Salty
Crème brulee almonds; $41.99Beautifully packaged nuts in a tin and then inside a lacquer box (these are totally addictive and delicious!). Sweet and salty in one bite. Manly-looking gift for the guy watching the game, but yummy for everyone. They have a variety of sweet and savory nuts to choose from.
Variety of cupcake gifts; $6.50 a jarThey are known as the original cupcake in jar. Choose from a variety of flavors like Red Velvet, Praline Mantis and Vanilla Dream to make up your six-pack choice. You can eat the cupcake with a fork out of the jar and it’s nearly big enough to feed two people.

Miss Nicky’s Toffee; $10-$59Good old-fashioned English-style toffee in a variety of nut and fruit combos. $10 bag 4 oz. (in bag with bow) $20 biodegradable bag 8 oz. (with bow in bag) $36 in box with ribbon 13 oz. $59 in box with ribbon  large 1.25 oz.

$50-$200A great Web site that has a variety of jewelry from yoga-inspired to charms to precious stones and beads,  necklaces, bracelets, leather handbags, earrings. Belts: $89Necklaces: from $98-$145 Bracelets: from $69-$165

Beast, shark or fairies pop-up books; $27.99 Each Encyclopedia Prehistorica features more than 35 vivid pop-ups and tells the stories and histories that keep 5- to 50-year-olds enthralled.

Voucher books; $8 For friends, lovers and family, a book with 20 coupons from an “end to argument,” “airport ride,” candlelit bath” to “honest opinion.”Cozy
The sale price for these women’s cashmere tee, V-neck and mock is $60. Normally under $100 and men’s just over $100.

Golf and Wine Legends; $49.99Perfect collection for wine and golf lovers. Three premium wines from legendary golfers and wine enthusiasts Arnold Palmer, Ernie Els and Nick Faldo paired with a sleeve of three golf balls. This collection is truly par excellence!
Available on Facebook and via the Web site, you can now can purchase real cocktails for people anywhere in the U.S. Any dollar amount — they get a gift card in the mail and can redeem at the top bars and restaurants across the country.

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