The 'Go Face' unmasks the emotions behind Olympic lugers' helmets

There’s something about Olympic athletes that makes me shake my head in disbelief. Don’t get me wrong: I am amazed by (and slightly afraid of) their majestic strength and fearless nature, but I find myself staring at the TV with my mouth open wide, thinking, "There is no humanly possible way to be this composed all the time!"

But then I saw this, a glimmer of hope for the devastatingly uncoordinated. The one moment that makes these Olympians seem human: The Go Face. It’s hard to come by, but every so often you can catch a glimpse of the athlete just moments before the action begins. And it is glorious.

So thank you, luge, for providing a clear view of the pinched, puckered and contorted faces that are too often hidden behind goggles and masks.

This is the face I would make if I was throwing myself down a frozen track at 90 mph, too.

Think happy thoughts...think happy thoughts...

On Andrea, this is the face of intensity. On me, it would be pure regret.

This Russian luger's face is just downright intimidating. Moving on.

This is when I would be thinking: Should have signed up for curling.

With that lip ring, she can handle anything.

Game time. It's not the prettiest moment, but Wolfgang's still got more guts than I do.

Phew! Thumbs up for finishing — and being an awesome athlete!!

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