Forgotten wallet with $10,000 inside returned to owner

A restaurateur from south Florida who just moved to Orange County got a taste of Southern California kindness when someone returned his lost wallet and the $10,000 it contained.

Read the original story on KNBC Los Angeles The man mistakenly left the cash-stuffed wallet on a beach bench Saturday in Laguna Beach. He had withdrawn the hefty amount to pay a contractor for renovating a new restaurant that he plans to open on Pacific Coast Highway, according to police.

He went for a walk near Main Beach and sat down on the bench at about 1:15 p.m., but forgot to take his wallet when he left. A passer-by found the wallet and handed it to lifeguards, police said.

"When the lifeguards opened the wallet, they see all that cash in it and call the police," Lt. Jason Kravetz said.

The wallet contained a Florida driver's license, so officers began searching online for a phone number. They found a cell phone number and called the owner.

The man was "shocked" when he found all the money was still in the wallet, Kravetz said. He told police he was simply distracted and forgot about the wallet when he left the park bench.