'Don't get saltwater on my mink!': Johnny Weir, Billy Bush fish in the Black Sea

Billy Bush and former Olympic figure skater Johnny Weir had some extra time on their hands while covering the Winter Games in Sochi and decided to spend their downtime doing exactly what you would not expect: fishing in the Black Sea. 

For figure skater-turned-NBC-commentator Johnny Weir, the first course of action before any fishing trip is to go through his wardrobe and find the perfect outfit.

Once Weir settled on his look, it was go-time. 

The two were briefed on the basic technique of fishing from the shore and discussed their game plan.

Clearly it worked — Weir immediately recognized he had a bite on his line.

Bush helped Weir wrangle in his catch.

But when Bush went in for a celebratory hug, Weir stopped him in his tracks, warning, "Don't get saltwater on my mink!"

Bush proceeded anyway — with caution, of course. 

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