Dog who stood by dead pal reunited with owners

A loyal Lab who stayed by another dog's side after her companion was struck and killed by a vehicle on a busy California street was reunited with her owners Monday morning.

Maggie came into animal control's care after she stuck by her companion, a golden retriever, as traffic rolled past just a few feet away.

A passerby placed traffic cones around the dogs so drivers would be aware the animals were in the street and took video of the loyal act. The clip inspired thousands across the country.

"Her display of compassion and loyalty is like no other," said Aaron Reyes, deputy director of LA County Department of Animal Care and Control.

The couple, who did not own the dog that died, had been looking for Maggie since she went missing last Wednesday.

"They've been checking the Internet every single day trying to find her," Reyes said, adding that when the owners came in "her head perked up and her tail went a thousand miles an hour."

The couple will be given a citation for violating the leash law, not giving the dog proper vaccines and not having a microchip implanted in her. They will also have to pay fees related to her stay at the animal shelter, including Maggie's spaying procedure.

"They're very apologetic. And at this point we are not here to judge," Reyes said, adding that animal control will still carry out an inspection of their home.

Maggie, thought to be homeless, was in a high demand after her courageous story made headlines.

"She was really scared at first," said Isha Willits, an animal care attendant at the center. "But she's starting to come around. She's walking on a leash more, she's giving kisses. The more love she gets, the better she'll be."

Before Maggie's family showed up, the passerby who placed the traffic cones around the dogs and shot the video below was slated to adopt her Monday afternoon.

If that person didn't show, there were other interested parties waiting in the wings, Willits said.

"I think it's the loyalty for her companion," Willits said. "We all reach out for something like that."

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