Dog returned to shelter after reunion with owner

The Bronx woman who reclaimed her lost dog after spotting him on TODAY last Friday has had to give him up, NBC New York has learned.Ruth Torres says she feels "awful" that she's had to part permanently with Dusty, the Irish Wolfhound she lost three weeks ago when she said her brother abandoned him at a dog run.

Read the full story at NBCNewYork.comTorres said she'd moved in with her mother since losing Dusty, and when she brought her old dog back to their new residence over the weekend, it was clear he wouldn't get along with her mother's dogs.Dusty was "too wild" with the other animals, Torres said.

Torres returned Dusty to the Animal Care and Control shelter that took him in weeks ago and groomed him for the TODAY segment. A spokesman confirmed the dog was back in the shelter's care.

Torres emphatically denied that she ever abandoned the Irish Wolfhound the first time. She said she was simply unable to handle Dusty with her mother's smaller dogs around. The shelter spokesman said it's already received several calls for the dog, and he's hopeful Dusty will find a better home.