Danny Trejo is a 'Bad A--' Epic Beard Man

Thomas Busco, better known to the world as "Epic Beard Man" or Tom Slick, or Vietnam Tom, gained fame after he turned up in a YouTube video taken while he was riding an Oakland bus.

Busco is shown getting into an altercation with another man, while wearing a shirt that says "I AM A MOTHERF-----." As Busco tries to walk away, the other man continues hurling taunts, and a fist. Busco, beats the other guy to the ground, and gets off the bus. The vid goes viral and he is dubbed "Epic Beard Man."

Epic Beard Man's epic-ness has just become more epic with a Hollywood feature starring Danny Trejo as the Epic Beard Man character.

The film called "Bad Ass" appears to be based on the viral video, and Busco.

Check out the trailer.

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