Congressman making the most of his 7-week term

Dec. 14, 2012 at 9:01 AM ET

Newly elected congressman Dave Curson has settled into a desk, served on a House of Representatives committee and delivered speeches on the floor with the urgency of a man with no time to waste.

That’s because Curson will be a member of Congress for only seven weeks, after winning a special election for Michigan’s 11th district. Because his House of Representatives seat has been redistricted and no longer exists, when the current session ends on Jan. 2, so does Curson’s career as a congressman.

“I already accomplished more than I thought I would,’’ Curson told NBC News' Luke Russert. “I articulated many of the issues back from my district on the floor.

“I think they look at me a little differently because I’m not a real politician, and I’ve represented people my whole life so I actually carry the views of a lot of people when I speak.”

The former union organizer lives out of a hotel and drives to work in his Ford F-150. Because he doesn’t have his own office, the Michigan Democrat and his staff of four borrow cubicles from Rep. John Conyers.

“You are one of the greatest tenants I’ve ever had,’’ Conyers joked to Curson.

Curson and his staff are separated by only a few feet, but they have made it work.

“The nice thing about it is I can slide out into the hallway and talk to congressmen, I can talk to the legislative director, (and) I can talk to the communications director, so staff meetings are not a problem,’’ said Curson’s chief of staff, Patrick McCarty.

Though he has only been there a short time, there have been memorable moments for Curson.

“One of coolest parts was my grandson came on the House floor when I got sworn in — two grandsons,’’ he said. “And (they) were there when I took my oath. I know they'll tell their grandkids about it.”

The seven-week congressman will also forever have the title “the honorable Dave Curson’’ for his service.

“Oh yeah, my friends are having great fun with that,’’ he said. “I don't really care for that one, when my family calls me ‘honorable this or that’ because I know they're poking me."

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