Brrr! How you're coping with the big chill

Jan. 24, 2013 at 4:23 PM ET

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Twitter user @rockthelook sent us this picture of the frozen fountain in New York's Bryant Park.

Baby, it's cold outside — and inside, as you'll see — some of us have even been working with our gloves on!

As temperatures dropped around the country this week, we wanted to see how you were surviving these icy temps. Looks like you've been digging your cars out from under piles of snow and bundling up those adorable dogs and babies to stay warm!

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This TODAY reader showed us how he's bundling up while "letting the car warm up for what seems like hours."

Whether you were hiding out indoors or braving the snow, we rounded up our favorites from your chilled-out pics.

How are you coping with the cold? You can still send us your pics!

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Another user sent us this icy shot, a "view of town hall from the high school in Lake Placid, NY.