Ashton Kutcher holds first day bash for 'Men' gang

Righteous dude!

It didn't take long for Ashton Kutcher to become the most popular guy among the cast and crew of "Two and a Half Men."

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Charlie Sheen's replacement on the the smash CBS sitcom threw an impromptu "first day party" for the entire show's staff after the first day shooting the new wrapped on Friday, an insider tells Us Weekly.

With wife Demi Moore at his side, the 33-year-old was a happy host in the back room of West Hollywood hotspot Troubadour, "buying drinks" for all comers, the insider says. DJing the off-the-cuff bash was Jordy Masterson, the brother of Kutcher's former "That 70s Show" costar Danny Masterson.

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Kutcher and Moore, 48, "were both cute together and friendly with everyone," the source tells Us.

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Indeed, the low-key celebration epitomizes the new Zen Kutcher brings after the chaos of Sheen's ouster earlier this year.

"Everybody is loving Ashton on the set," the source raves. "He's really coming off like a cool low-maintenence guy, and with everything that went down with Charlie everyone is breathing a sigh of relief."

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Unlike 45-year-old Sheen's drama, "He jokes with the crew, has no tantrums, he comes in well studied in his lines — it's such a nice change. So far there have been no issues and everyone is really happy with how it's working out."

Adds the source: "Nobody is missing Charlie right now."