14 photos that show why World Cup stars are just like us

As World Cup fever grips the globe, the World Cup’s slogan — “All in one rhythm” — becomes more and more fitting with each passing day.

Whether they realize it or not, die-hard soccer fans all over the planet are echoing the memorable moves and moments of the players they adore. As evidence, check out these cool photos: 

AP; Getty Images

Goooooooal! An American soccer fan (top) and Team USA's Clint Dempsey (bottom) celebrate with outstretched arms. 

Reuters; AFP/Getty Images

A Brazilian boy (top) heads a ball, looking a lot like Brazilian soccer star David Luiz (bottom) during the match against Mexico.

AFP/Getty Images

A professional soccer club in Belgium take some training laps (top), mirroring Belgium's World Cup team (bottom) as they limber up by making a run for it. 


Teenagers Canchagua, Ecuador (top) make a grab for a soccer ball as Ecuador's goalkeeper Alexander Dominguez (bottom) blocks a shot from Honduras.

Reuters; Getty Images

Kids in Silvia, Cauca, Colombia get their kicks (top), just like Colombia's Abel Aguilar (bottom), who battles against a player from Greece for the ball during a World Cup match. 

Getty Images

Something fishy? This South Korean diver (top) swims with sardines while heading the ball to support his home team, while South Korea's Lee Chung-Yong (bottom) breathes fresher air as he uses his noggin in a match against Russia.

AP; Getty Images

Teammates (top) Ignacio Trigueros Soccer League for the Blind and Visually Impaired in Mexico City celebrate a win as Javier Hernandez and Oribe Peralta (bottom) hug it out big-time after beating Cameroon.

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